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The Changing Nature of Payments

27 July, 2021 Global corporate payments technology is changing at a higher speed than ever. However, this change is accompanied by challenges. The rapidly changing nature of payments raises problems for many finance teams, ranging from insufficient controls, custom banking formats, infrastructure costs, and delayed projects. However, the most crucial challenge remains fraud through simple …

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Treasury Management as Fraud Prevention?

9 February, 2022 Fraud is more lucrative than ever for criminals. There has been a progressive increase in both fraud attempts and successes, primarily through cyber-attacks. Cyber-criminals are using technology to perpetuate fraud on a historic scale. But technology is two-sided — technological solutions can provide a defense against both old school and cyber-based attacks. …

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How BI and CPM work together

25 February, 2022 Making informed decisions in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world is crucial for companies. Good decision-making should involve more than just good judgement and strong intuition. It also requires data-based insights. Effective decision-making must be based on data analysis, planning, as well as the execution and evaluation of decisions and their predicted impact. Information systems …

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The Changing Role of the CFO

01 February, 2022 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are playing an increasingly important role in driving change in their companies. In addition to traditional CFO responsibilities, the number of functions reporting to CFOs is on the rise. Also increasing is the share of CFOs saying they oversee their companies’ digital activities and resolve issues outside the …

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Will Finance Become 100% Digitalized?

12 January, 2022 Finance is entering a golden age of technology. As more software solutions become available as cloud-based formats, cloud-based finance applications and micro-services will also proliferate. Companies will be able to drastically reduce the complexity and cost of technology without sacrificing functionality. Companies are still in the early stages of applying digital technologies …

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The Future of Finance Has Arrived

20 July, 2021 2020 has put a toll on many businesses. Uncertainty, risks, and volatility have reached an all-time high, demanding companies’ unrestricted attention. These troubling circumstances have proven that even profitable, long-established companies should always look out for what is lying ahead. In 2021 organizations should focus on overcoming inefficient processes and past mistakes …

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