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A352: Its Mission and Founding Team

We Are A352

A352 offers the Financial Navigator – a powerful software solution enhancing the decision-relevant financial data for Mid-Caps and large SMEs. The Financial Navigator combines the best features of treasury management systems and corporate performance management solutions in one platform. Our solution creates transparency for decision makers and finance teams.

The Financial Navigator integrates and aggregates all relevant financial information in one platform, enabling seamless collaboration between departments and teams – independent of geography and corporate structure.

The Founding Team Of A352

A352’s founding team is the same as behind Mercedes pay SA (formerly PayCash) – one of the major start-up success stories in Luxembourg. The team combines decades of experience with technical know-how and management expertise of FinTech companies. The team has a proven track record of building a company from the first idea on paper to a profitable business, and additionally realizing a successful exit to a global corporation.

Dr. Jürgen Wolff

CEO of A352 - Dr. Jürgen Wolff

Dr. Jürgen Wolff

Jürgen is the CEO of A352. He is an expert on FinTech and start-up management with a career spanning more than 15 years in management and leadership of software and particularly financial technology companies. As former founder and CEO of Mercedes pay SA (former PayCash), he has a proven track record of building and managing a financial institution from the first pitch deck to the exit and beyond. He has comprehensive expertise in corporate development, growth strategies and business and operational processes.

Daniel Steinhauf

Daniel is the COO of A352. He is an architect and consultant for payment solutions, IOT, cloud and datacenters with 10 years of experience. He was part of the founder’s team and IT Director of Mercedes pay SA (formerly PayCash) which got acquired by Daimler AG in 2016. Mercedes pay was a patent pending Fintech company offering e-wallet (B2C) and payment services (B2B) in EU, China, US, and Canada. Prior to Mercedes pay, Daniel was working as a system-engineer and developer at koydo.

Daniel Steinhauf

COO of A352 - Daniel Steinhauf

Christophe Lemoine

CTO of A352 - Christophe Lemoine

Christophe Lemoine

Christophe is the CTO of A352. He is an expert on architecture design for financial IT-systems, along with their management, validation and implementation. Christophe has more than 20 years of experience in management and leadership of development teams in various disciplines, cultures and countries. As former CTO of Mercedes pay SA (former PayCash), he brings comprehensive expertise in creating state-of-the-art fintech solutions.