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The Key Features of the Financial Navigator by A352

Gain insights into the features that make our solution unique.

Mutlibanking Feature of the Financial Navigator
Simplify your cash management with our Multibanking – an integrated cash management solution. The Financial Navigator automatically consolidates your liquidity position across banks, geographies, and corporate structures. As a result, you will receive a reliable and up-to-date liquidity overview. Our in-house banking feature tracks all inter- company credits and investments centrally, providing you with maximum transparency.
Improve your payment processes with our Payment Factory. Our tool ensures that your payments are handled consistently across your corporation, regardless or geography, type, or amount. Thus, payment processes are screened to protect you from internal and external fraud risk. Furthermore, centralization of all payment processes creates transparency for your company and enhances your decision-relevant information when it comes to asset allocation.
Payment Factory of the Financial Navigator
Cash Flow Forecasting Feature of the Financial Navigator
Create more accurate Cash Flow Forecasts with the Financial Navigator. Our system functions multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-bank. As a result our solutions allows for sensitivity analysis of your Cash Flow Forecasts, providing a new level of liquidity planning.
Automate your Budgeting and Performance Measurement based on your Business Plan. Create and analyze multiple scenarios of your company’s Business Plan. Seamless data integration allows for automated Performance Measurement against your Business Plan and Scenarios on a rolling basis. In addition, our solution provides performance insights on a granular level, freeing you of tedious manual budget analysis.
Business Planning feature of the Financial Navigator
Analytics and Reporting Feature of the Financial Navigator

Gain valuable insights into your company’s performance, with our analytics feature. Our customizable KPI Dashboard allows you to focus on the KPIs that are relevant to your company and your role. Moreover, you can create automated business and treasury reporting, tailored to your audience.

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