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What is A352?

A352 is a FinTech startup based in Luxembourg. The company's goal is to improve the way mid-caps and large SMEs manage their finances, giving them an automated and high-quality basis for their decisions. That's why the company developed the Financial Navigator, eliminating the need for confusing Excel files. The Financial Navigator is an innovative software solution that brings together all decision-relevant information in one platform, thus facilitating the work of finance teams.

What products does A352 offer?

With the Financial Navigator, A352 offers a powerful SaaS solution for preparing decision-relevant financial data for mid-caps and large SMEs. The Financial Navigator combines the best features of treasury management systems and corporate performance management solutions in one platform. The solution creates transparency and provides C-level and finance teams with an automated and high-quality basis for their corporate decisions. In doing so, Financial Navigator integrates and aggregates all relevant financial information in one platform, enabling seamless collaboration between departments and teams - regardless of location and corporate structure.

Who is behind A352?

The founding team of A352 has been working together on financial innovations for many years. As part of the team behind Mercedes pay SA (formerly PayCash), they already wrote one of the biggest startup success stories in Luxembourg. The three founders stand out for their combination of decades of experience, technical know-how and management expertise of FinTech companies. The team has already proven in the past that they can develop profitable business models and build companies from the initial idea to a successful exit to a global corporation.
Dr. Jürgen Wolff is an expert in FinTech and startup management with more than 10 years of experience in managing and leading software and financial technology companies. As former founder and CEO of Mercedes pay SA, he built and led a financial institution from initial pitch deck to exit and beyond. Daniel Steinhauf is an Infrastructure Architect and Consultant for Payment Solutions, IOT, Cloud and Data Centers with 10 years of experience. He was part of the founding team and IT Director of Mercedes pay SA, which was acquired by Daimler AG in 2016. Prior to Mercedes pay, Daniel was a systems engineer and developer at koydo. Christophe Lemoine is an expert in financial IT systems architecture design, management, validation and implementation. He has more than 20 years of experience in managing teams of different disciplines, cultures, and countries. As former CTO of Mercedes pay SA, he brings extensive expertise in developing cutting-edge FinTech solutions.

What differentiates the Financial Navigator?

The Financial Navigator is a hybrid system. As a kind of digital CFO, it also enables SMEs to access a solution that is otherwise only available to large corporations. The Financial Navigator combines the best features of treasury management systems and corporate performance management solutions in one platform. The solution generates transparency for decision-makers and finance teams, while also significantly increasing the quality of decision-relevant data. The Financial Navigator covers the most important functions on the customer side. The cash management tool and a multibanking interface provide maximum transparency and reliability. In addition, accurate cash flow forecasts and business plans are generated, which can be used to identify risks at an early stage through performance measurements. The analytics and reporting function provides customized KPI dashboards and reports.

What features does the Financial Navigator offer?

The Financial Navigator currently offers five different functions: The Multibanking function, based on EBICS and PSD2/Open Banking APIs, enables reliable real-time cash management. The Payment Factory optimizes payment transactions through centralized payment processes - independent of banks and partners. Continuous cash flow forecasts provide transparency and enable accurate planning. Automated performance measurement based on a business plan and integrated scenario analyses indicate risks at an early stage. The analytics and reporting function enables customized dashboards and reports.

Where is the data hosted?

A352 hosts all data in a data center in Germany.

For whom is the Financial Navigator interesting?

The Financial Navigator is specifically targeted at mid-caps and larger SMEs. The increasing complexity of manual cash management results in liquidity problems for many companies. A352 solves this problem with the Financial Navigator, which presents decision-relevant financial information for mid-caps and larger SMEs transparently and in real time. This allows important developments to be recognized quickly and the appropriate measures to be taken.