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Treasury Management as Fraud Prevention?

9 February, 2022


Fraud is more lucrative than ever for criminals. There has been a progressive increase in both fraud attempts and successes, primarily through cyber-attacks. Cyber-criminals are using technology to perpetuate fraud on a historic scale. But technology is two-sided — technological solutions can provide a defense against both old school and cyber-based attacks.

Origin of Fraud

As data volumes increase, it is becoming harder and harder to spot fraud with traditional measures. Long gone are the days of glancing over a report and quickly spotting anomalies. Many reports generate thousands of data points — an amount of data no human can process in a reasonable timeframe.

The rise of new technology tools has made it easier for fraudsters to commit traditional fraud schemes that impact businesses across industries.


Through Multibanking, banking data is captured in one single platform and is available to the respective entities. It encourages group-wide collaboration: data can be entered anywhere and is accessible from anywhere in the world, in real-time and with the highest data quality. All cash flows become transparent and controllable. Finance teams can easily spot entities in need of ad-hoc cash injections and control all group-wide cash flows.

With a Payment Factory, processes are clearly defined and centrally managed: access rights and signing limits can be fully customized for each user and bank account. This ensures transparent and secure payments proceses in line with compliance rules. A comprehensive audit log ensures all operations are tracked and no unsual activity can be hidden.

Ever more companies embrace Analytics tools to manage and analyze their data. These tools consolidate information from multiple data sources and convert the raw data into easily understandable reports. Analytics tools have traditional benefits, such as shorter report creation times and standard report designs. However, one of the more overlooked benefits is that analytics tools enable companies to detect fraud much quicker: Instead of employees manually preparing reports from complex spreadsheets for hours, reports are created automatically, including intuitive visualization of the insights. This includes highlighting outliers as well as activily reporting irregularities.


Treasury Management Solutions (TMS) can provide additional security through guidance and functionality around the most effective methods to establish connections and transfer data. Additionally, TMS can provide secure end-to-end payment workflow capabilities that restrict and control access and enforce segregation of duties. This offers control over all data required for finance activities and all payments, provides visibility of all cash flows, and enables secure processes to be established. In short, security across the whole company is achieved.

The Financial Navigator offers this security and reliability through extensive data aggregation and analysis, allowing you to notice any inconsistencies early on. Specific roles of users are defined with certain rights concerning the visibility of data, actions, and payment rights. With the Financial Navigator, you maintain a competitive edge for managing risks and understand the usage of analytics tools to support fraud detection and prevention efforts.

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