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A352 launches the Financial Navigator

July 6, 2021

Founders of A352
A352 launches the Financial Navigator, a financial management solution made in Luxembourg, and announces CentralNic, a leading internet infrastructure provider, as major client

Fintech company A352 has developed the Financial Navigator – a cloud-based software solution to simplify and optimize financial management of Mid-Caps and SMEs. The solution is a hybrid of Treasury Management and Corporate Performance Management Solutions which creates transparency and reduces risk exposure for its clients. A352’s clients can connect all existing bank accounts to manage their cash centrally and reliably. The Luxembourg government supported the product development through the “StartupsVsCovid19” program. CentralNic Group PLC one of the globally leading Internet infrastructure service providers, together with its Luxembourg-based financial holding, is a lead customer for A352’s new Financial Navigator solution.

For many financial management and treasury professionals, manual processes are a significant hurdle to efficient daily processes. Distributed information is often manually merged in complex Excel files, which is both error-prone and time-consuming. Companies search for smart and scalable solutions to automate and accelerate their processes, which ultimately results in cost savings, risk reduction and enhanced decision making.

The need for a comprehensive financial management solution on the market

A thorough analysis of the market requirements led to the conclusion that most products only partially address companies’ needs with specialized solutions. What is lacking in the market, is a product with a rich feature set that enables both Treasury and Financial management activities. Particularly, Mid-Caps, SMEs and financial holdings, which are an essential part of the Luxembourgish economy, are underserved and mostly rely on manual work.

In the light of more complex market environments, businesses are looking to become more robust through process standardization and automation and creating transparency for all stakeholders. This can be achieved through fitting software solutions.

A352: Creating a comprehensive financial management solution

The Fintech company A352 started to develop the Financial Navigator last year to address the market demand. The founding team has levered its prior 10 years of experience of having built Mercedes pay (former PayCash), one of the first e-money institution regulated in Luxembourg and grown it until a successful exit to Daimler AG. This expertise has proven valuable in designing and building reliable and scalable financial technology product, the company has developed an intuitive and secure financial management solution.

The product requirements were defined in cooperation with CentralNic Group PLC, one of the world’s leading Internet infrastructure service providers and Francois Masquelier, the president of the Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers (ATEL). The long-term goal of the solution is to build a fully integrated, cloud-based financial management platform hosted in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) setup, as the central point of financial management tasks.

The project is supported by the Luxembourg government, as A352 received the “StartupsVsCovid19” grant in April 2020, and has been awarded as one of 15 selected innovators building solutions that help business to become more robust in times of crises and more challenging market environments.

How A352 Financial Navigator supports CentralNic’s ambitious acquisition growth strategy

Established in 1995, CentralNic Group PLC (AIM: CNIC) is one of the world’s leading Internet infrastructure service providers with USD 241.2m revenue in 2020. Its mission is to enable the global online economy to reach its full potential by providing a platform and connecting customers and tools to realize their online aspirations.

Process automation and harmonization aim to enhance forecasting, payment, and compliance processes, mitigate risks, and accelerate their growth. CentralNic chose the Financial Navigator as their treasury management solution. A352’s new Financial Navigator solution supports the treasury and finance departments with the necessary tools to realize the company’s goals.

Dr. Jürgen Wolff, CEO of A352 stated: “We believe that our Financial Navigator can fill the market gap of powerful financial management software for Mid-Caps, financial holdings and SMEs in Luxembourg. Many finance and treasury professionals seek to enhance and automate their processes to gain efficiencies and prepare their companies for ever more challenging market conditions. The broad feature set of the Financial Navigator and its excellent banking connectivity allows clients to immediately enhance their liquidity and financial management capabilities. We are eager to further advance our product and help the Luxembourgish financial ecosystem with our solution.”



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